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Energy Investments On The Rise

By Kenny Soulstring (CNA Finance)

Now that the U.S. has an administration in the White House that is bent on making the nation energy independent, investors should embrace an opportunity to find and profit from emerging, under-the-radar stocks. Finding them is not enough, though. Investors also need the willingness to get out in front of the trade to bank the rewards. Since President Trump took office, my focus has been on finding the finest of the emerging energy bunch, taking advantage of small and micro-cap opportunities that can deliver both near and long-term value to investors with an appetite for adding risk to their investment portfolio. Now that oil has made a break above the $50 level for the first time in weeks, the desire for energy-focused investment is on the rise. And, as is usually the case during market rotation, the clear winners are the early adopters that take positions well ahead of the shifting market, enabling them to capture gains from the change in momentum, which brings prime opportunity to score stellar returns.

As CNA Finance followers and subscribers know, I am uncompromising when it comes to uncovering the next pack of developing leaders in a reinvigorated sector, and Petro River Oil has advanced to my list of emerging oil producing favorites. Petro River Oil (PTRC) is deserving of the attention, and when compared to its peers, the case for substantial share price increase and long term opportunity gets magnified. Now, it’s up to investors to look at the big picture to understand and take advantage of the opportunity developing at PTRC.

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