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Oil Profits Defy Pessimism

A young, opportunistic E&P is now on the radar of industry experts. Today, Seeking Alpha published a post by prestigious energy watchers Oil & Gas 360. The topic? Petro River (OTCPK: PTRC). Unlike legacy companies held back by debt, lower oil prices and unconventional drilling, Petro River carries no such baggage. What it does have is an opportunistic selection of lower risk assets, relying on conventional drilling (no shale, major fracking or horizontal drilling) all designed to make money—and lots of it—in the current price range.

Management Team

Management is comprised of a team of industry veterans that include deal-making executives, engineers and geophysicists with thousands of wells notched on their belts. They know how to find assets optimized for a downturn via their knowledge and industry contacts. And they know how to negotiate and apply financial leverage to acquire, shoot seismic data, finance and drill at “fire sale” terms. The company’s drill-program is funded by PTRC’s funds and selected industry insiders who have placed their own capital at risk.

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